Our partner clinics have prepared special prices for our clients. Below we present our orientational pricelist of most popular dental procedures.

For more exact price estimation please fill our contact form and we will return to you with an offer prepared specially for you.

Dental check-up (with digital X-RAY) consultation and treatment plan are free at first control visit.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth bleaching (3 splints)€190
Teeth bleaching (lamp)€230
Discolored Tooth Bleaching€25
In Office + Home Method€300


Note: Implant treatment require two visits. First is for placing a titanium post (implant). Second visit is after three (upper jaw) to six (lower jaw) months later. By then implant will be integrated with the bone and your dentist will place crowns, bridges or denture fixed on titanium or Zirconia abutments.

Implant treatment may also require some additional procedures like bone regeneration or sinus lift. Your dentist will inform you if such situation happens.

Dental Implant€600
Titanium Abutment&Crown€350
Zirconim Abutment&Crown€800
Guided Bone Regeneration€290 + Biomaterial
Sinus Lift Closed Method€290 + Biomaterial
Sinus Lift Open Method€600 + Biomaterial


Full Acrylic Denture€200
Partial Denture€100
Denture Repair€50
Skeletal Denture€350
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown€200
Zirconium Crown€315
Porcelain Veneer€350
Crown on gold€1000
Telescope crowns (set of 2)€2000
Metal Post€60
Acrylic Crown€90
Relaxing Splint€90
Removable denture on two implants€1000-1400
Removable or still denture on four implants€2500-4000

Preservative Dentistry

Composite Light-Cured Filling€35-60
Composite Veneer€80
Radix Anker Post€25
Fiber Core Post€40
Temporary Filling€20
Treatment of/Filling of Non- carious cervical lesions€100

Oral Surgery

Tooth Extraction€40
Retained Root Extraction€80
Wisdom Tooth Extrusion€95
Root Resection (front tooth)€140
Root Resection (molar tooth)€160
Closure Oral-Antral Communication€95
Abcess Drain€40
Extraction of multi-root tooth€50


One Root Canal Treatment€60
Two Root Canal Treatment€100
Three+ Root Canal Treatment€140
One Root Canal Treatment (microscope)€110
Two Root Canal Treatment (microscope)€150
Three+ Root Canal Treatment (microscope)€190

Periodontics & Prophylaxis

Ultrasound Scaling€30
Cleaning with the PROPHY POWDER (sandblasting)€40
Varnishing with Fluor Protector€20
Sandblasting/Scaling + Polishing€55
Teeth Splinting (each tooth)€20
Close Curretage 1/4€40
Gummy Smile Corection (1 tooth)€50

Digital X-Ray

Periapical View€10
Maxilla Sinus View€20
Bitewing View€10
Tomographic examination€110


Note: orthodontical treatment requires regular control visits.

Doctors recommend that it shouldn’t be less often than once per 1-2 months.

For details contact us and we will try to find the best solution for your case.

Brace (removable) (one jaw)€220
Brace (removable) (both jaws)€250
Bihelix brace€140
Thin-arch brace (metal)€470
Thin-arch brace (aesthetic)€780
Check-up visit€40
Brace removal€125
Clear Aligner (3 splints-one jaw)

Clear Aligner is a revolutionary method in orthodontic treatment. Thanks to removable transparent splints preapred specially for you this method is very comfortable, effective and treatment time is limited to minimum.


Note! Prices may vary on currency exchange rates. Pricelist above contains lowest prices out of three partner clinics’ pricelists at current exchange rate.

If not indicated differently prices contain all materials and laboratory costs.

Pricelist does not cover all dental procedures offered by our partner clinics. These listed above are the most popular and common ones.

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