Come For Smile cooperates with three carefully selected dental clinics in Gdansk.

We chose these specific clinics because they represent top standards in dentistry, offer widest range of treatment procedures and caring for patient is on the highest level. Their excellent reputation is based on providing consistent, high-quality and outstanding services to our clients, while maintaining affordable prices.

You will be treated by experienced and professional staff. Our doctors specialize in specific fields of dentistry so you can be sure that treatment you require will be performed by a doctor that is prepared exactly in that direction. Although very experienced, our dentists constantly continue to educate in latest trends of dentistry.

All staff speak english, but german or russian speaking dentists are also available. We can arrange a translator if you require one.

Clinics are equipped with latest achievements of detal technology and materials. That includes, among others, Computer Assisted Tomography Scanner, Panoramic X-RAYs, Endodontics Microscopes, Clear Aligner Orthodontics, Computer Assisted Anaesthesia and many more. Implant systems are chosen under very strict criteria – these used in our partner clinics are worldwide accepted, FDA certified and only of highest quality. VIVADENTAL clinic in cooperation with Alpha Bio Tec agreed to give lifetime guarantee on implants.

Violetta Szycik

Violetta Szycik is one of the most experienced implantologists in Poland. She has graduated Medical University of Gdansk with 2nd grade specialization in dental surgery, than achieved doctorate in implantology. Performed number of first-ever procedures in Poland and in Europe with use of latest achievements in implantology.

Dr. Szycik is an author of many publications concernig implantology and a lecturer at most important conventions around the world.

Despite her academic duties dr Szycik is mostly dedicated to her patients for whom she has built one of the most prestigious dental clinics in Poland.

Dominik Łoś

Dr. Łoś is a 2nd grade dental surgeon. Throughout years of experience he developed exquisite skills in implantology. Placing thousands of implants have led to publishing many articles about implantology.

His courses for dentists are one of the most popular and respected in Poland.

Doctor’s and his team’s professionalism was rewarded by ISO 9001:2008 certificate proving highest level of quality in Miladent clinics.

Igor Foltyn

Dr. Foltyn holds a Master’s graduate from the Gdansk Medical Academy, and is a member of many prestigious medical conferences, courses and seminars in Poland and around the world. Through several years of practice and experience, Dr. Foltyn carries a vast range of professional skills in implanting, prosthetics and aesthetic stomatology. While providing high quality practices, Dr. Foltyn continually strives to gain further education and qualifications in his medical career to offer most advanced and innovative skills in medicine and stomatology for his patients.